About Us
The Music Ministry of OLV parish encourages all parishioners to express their joyful love for Christ by raising their voices in song.  Music unifies the body of Christ as all join in hymns, the Gloria, the responses of the Mass, the responsorial Psalm and Gospel acclamation.  Music intensifies and deepens our experience of the real presence of God, and our joy in singing serves as a witness to others that we believe in the power of God to make us one with Him.  God cherishes each voice, whether trained or untrained, tuneful or monotone, and desires all to contribute to worship in song as well as in silence.

The Music Ministry encourages all to develop their musical abilities by joining an OLV ensemble, whether as an instrumentalist or a singer.   The desire to praise God through music is the most important qualification; a good ear and a willingness to attend rehearsals and services is also desirable.  Knowing how to read music is necessary for cantors and organists; it is not as important for ensemble members.  Being part of an ensemble is a great way to get to know each other in an atmosphere of fun and fellowship!